Our Model

Best Practices

Communication, On-site support & Local guides

Feeling understood and keeping track of the everyday activities or timings is important when travelling to an unknown destination. Our aim is to prevent miscommunication and unexpected situations that turn out to be a burden on your trip. Being in constant communication with our local organisations and communities makes us able to proactively respond to any query the travellers might have. Be it from our head office in Delhi or through our local team on-site, we ensure full support so that the trip happens in the smoothest and easiest way possible.

Involvement of the community & Profit: A way to develop community

Travel4Change aims to give 100% transparency to every traveller booking a journey with us. We want to make our authentic programs affordable while benefiting the hosting communities such as volunteers on site, the local residents, teachers, staff members or the guides who often have worked for both Travel4Change and Lakshyam by sharing 40% profit to our sister NGO, Lakshyam which implements and develops on the ground programs for the not so privileged people.

Small Groups, Eco-Friendly Tours & Dress code

Experiencing an authentic trip is always more efficient when being done with few participants. “Our small group” policy emphasizes on adventure and makes an effort to make you experience a country from the inside. Our belief is that walking is the eco-friendliest way to travel. It takes a little extra effort at first, but it becomes very beneficial for health and helps sustaining nature which is our major concern. At last We request our travellers to keep a decent dress code such as no tank-tops, low cut shirt, shorts etc for the respect of local residents.