Experiential Workshops

Cooking on mitti ka chulha/ Cooking on Mud burner

Fond of cooking ? Ever cooked on cow dung cakes? Ever walked to collect woods to burn the gas to cook? None…. then here you will be cooking on a mud chulha/Mud burner on cow dung cakes or with our local women you can go to collect woods for your own cooking and learn the art of cooking the traditional way with our women. Even after lighting the woods or cakes you have to blow your stomach out till it catches fire, one of its own experiences.
Our women learn to make BIG Breads/ roti along with spicy Chutney/sauce which is their staple diet on a mud burner. If you love food or love cooking or just want to experience its one of its own. Hookah lover, we can add the local flavoured hookah on request

What we will do

  1. Go to collect wood sticks to cook your food
  2. Learn cooking on a mud chulha/burner
  3. Experience local food
  4. Have dinner with the local tribal family their way !!

Each workshop has been curated keeping in mind to give you an immersive experience to satisfy your hunger to experience the local culture as best volunteer programs in india. Not only this, every experience would help a family as with that money they will be able to buy their food for the next 1 month !

  • You need to carry nothing, we will take care of all !!!
  • You are requested to be in comfortable clothing as it would be in a slum or rural area.
  • A dedicated person will be there to assist you
  • Price Rs 5000 per person per workshop
  • Duration of each workshop will be 1.5 hours to 2 hours