Why us

Travel4change is a social enterprise offering a combination of volunteer programs and immersive travel packages benefiting to you and the development of communities in need. Unlike normal travellers who have few opportunities to discover a culture during a stay abroad, our volunteers actively participate in a project and get highly involved. We believe that any traveller should be given the opportunity to explore the culture in-depth while creating a meaningful and sustainable impact on a local level.

Affordability & Flexibility

Time and Money are the most valuable in today’s life. Travel 4 Change is an affordable and flexible option for volunteerism in India who are looking for transparent, flexible-time, customizable and meaningful programs for either short or long trips.

Authenticity & community

Traveling to places and also being a part there is one of the best combo. Once you are enrolled in one of our programs, you will get to travel with an Indian NGO along with that you will be devoting time in the development of not so privileged children which will help you understand lifestyle and customs of the people and you will be awarded with new skills set which will be a memorable experience.


The value of trust is at the heart of Travel 4Change’s activities. Through our trusted network of partners and communities, we offer experiences that are accurately organised and 100% transparent for our participants. We aim to commit exactly as per the information given, with an operational excellence on which we work hard in order to maintain it. We give our loyal and sustainable support to every community we are involved in and keep the volunteers in a trustworthy environment where everything is taken care of.

Solidarity & Commitment

Through our different projects, we foster a set of solidary objectives and aim to commit accordingly:

  • We promote the transfer of skills and the exchange of between locals and volunteers which creates a social bond through the experiences and make is last beyond the duration of project.
  • Encourage sharing, listening, respect and solidarity.
  • Strengthen the functioning of communities which are supported in a sustainable way thanks to the contribution of the volunteers.
  • Foster responsible individual commitment.


Many volunteers participate in projects that may not actually support the community’s need after they leave the destination which leads no development of the community. Travel4Change is a responsible in its work and our programs directly cater to the needs of not-so-privileged people through our social work in India. In this way we ensure you that your contribution will have an ethical and long lasting impact even after you are gone.

Safety & support

Traveling to unknown places is one of the risky passion and it requires a structured planning, but safety and support are our principle commitments. We have set high standard with our trusted network of partner organisations and local bonds across India for each of our programs. Once you decide to come on board with us, we ensure you a daily support and availability of the whole team.