How We Work

We give travellers an opportunity to experience our culture in a very affordable and safe way, with 100% transparency as the given fees are directly used for the development of the hosting underprivileged communities.

We guarantee the sustainability of the volunteers’ work within our communities and their satisfaction. The support given in any program the volunteers chose has an immediate and long-lasting impact on the local level.

We provide a fully authentic experience where every traveller feels deeply connected to the culture and the local people of our communities by working, living and spending memorable moments together.

Besides feeling the meaningful impact of one's work by spending time and physically assisting the locals, we aim to give the travellers an even higher feeling of fulfilment through our sister-NGO Lakshyam which is constantly supporting the development of the communities. Over the years, aligned with our vision, Lakshyam has been dependent on individual donors and fundraising events to raise funds in order to work on various projects. But today, thanks to Travel4change and the volunteers, we realize that we need to have a fixed and sustainable model for Lakshyam so that a part of it can be in auto mode. In this way, a part of the traveller’s fees is directly supporting Lakshyam’s community development projects.

Also, volunteers and interns have regularly been part of Lakshyam over the years, and through Travel4change we try to give them a 360-degree experience in various programs that can satisfy them. Thanks to the NGO’s history and experience, every program is carefully chosen and organised in order to remain impactful, sustainable and give 100% satisfaction to the volunteers. Moreover, we have realised that most of them are not satisfied via agencies which charge high fees to give assistance to the needy. That is something we wished to change thanks to Lakshyam’s active role across India and its local partners which enable us to keep our fees low while providing an authentic experience through proper local homestays and immersive activities.