The location of volunteering in Jharkahnd is Ranchi, which is also the capital city. While volunteering in Ranchi lot of exploration can be done in and around the city which is full of waterfalls and wildlife.


“The world cup winning captain was born,
In the capital city rich in minerals,
By the sounds of Suverneka river flow ,
Is now a city of waterfalls.”

Ranchi, situated on the chota Nagpur plateau, picturesque itself to a city that offers a view of hills, small rock formations and numerous waterfalls, eventually giving it the nickname, the city of waterfalls. With various cultures and communities blended with various cuisines and festivals, Ranchi is diverse. The city is also known to inspire several works of Rabindranath Tagore, evidence of which are still preserved in the Tagore Hills.

If you are a mountain/valley lover, then Ranchi is definitely one the places you find interesting. Patratu valley, the zig zag one, is definitely one the interesting features here, with its z-shape, lush greenery and scenic views of hills across the way.

Dassam waterfalls, falling from over 150 feet, off the Kanchi river, is a bliss to watch. Waterfalls like Jonha and Hudru are quite attractive as well. With places to visit like Birsa zoological park, Rock garden, Nakshatra van and Chota Nagpur Fun Castle, makes it one of the finest tourist places in India.

You can too, be a part of it, in exploring and enjoying the culture here, spending your time with the communities here, volunteer for the purpose of mutual benefit along with experiential travelling. For more details – Contact us at