Experiential Workshops

Make a handcrafted traditional Indian toy with empowered women

We aim to transform the lives of the underprivileged and focus our various actions on child education, healthcare and women empowerment. Our vision is to break poverty and enable our women to have social and economic autonomy in the society. Our mission is to give the women a self-employment capacity through life-building skills, and therefore pave the way to a self-sustaining income for them and their families. We are also engaged in an eco-friendly society by supporting the use of waste materials and recycled products. The generated revenue is being re-distributed and re-invested for a continuous support to our women empowerment program “Rooh” which aims at:

  1. Providing income to the working women
  2. Skill development and training workshops
  3. Providing raw materials

What we will do

You, as a volunteer for women empowerment, will be part of women’s empowerment volunteer projects, in creating a unique social impact experience with our empowered women from the Vasant Kunj community, Delhi by discovering the art of creating toy handicrafts out of mud. For such artisanal work, the main tools are the know-how of methods and the manual skills which you will be developing through the workshop. Rather than assisting to an industrialized mass production, this authentic experience will make you dive into the world of hand-manufacturing where every product has its artistic value and is being fabricated with the heart. The workshop includes mud mixing, moulding, putting, drying, painting and decorating with the aim of equipping you with a self-made souvenir to take back home. As part of the teacher-apprentice experience, you will continuously interact with the working women who are eager to transfer their knowledge and skills to the participants. Moreover, thanks to your social immersion in the community, you can easily interact with the underprivileged children we are taking advantage of through our community-based centre. Finally, on the way to independence, with your presence as a women empowerment volunteer, as your presence helps our empowered women to gain confidence, showcase and sell their art, you will have the opportunity to buy their eco-friendly handicrafts which range from bags, trays, to dolls, toys and many more at a very low price. We look forward to welcoming you for this mutually impactful experience!

Each workshop has been curated keeping in mind to give you an immersive experience to satisfy your hunger to experience the local culture as best volunteer programs in india. Not only this, every experience would help a family as with that money they will be able to buy their food for the next 1 month !

  • You need to carry nothing, we will take care of all !!!
  • You are requested to be in comfortable clothing as it would be in a slum or rural area.
  • A dedicated person will be there to assist you
  • Price Rs 5000 per person per workshop
  • Duration of each workshop will be 1.5 hours to 2 hours