Our Model

Responsible Travel

At Travel4change we believe in travelling which has a positive impact on local populations while having a minimal impact on the environment. From the preservation of nature to the respect for the populations encountered… Far from mass tourism and mass consumption circuits, our values can be described as sustainable, ethical, equitable and participatory.

The number of travelers exceeded one billion in 2017 and it will continue to increase according to the forecasts of the World Tourism Organization. This big tourist boom is not without consequence. Responsible tourism therefore manages the issue of traveling while respecting local economic development and the preservation of cultural and natural resources.

Travel4change, fights and proposes another vision of travelling. Indeed, traveling the world has become a product of harmful and polluting consumption, and our vision is as such:

  • In a small group,
  • More human,
  • More open to each other,
  • Less consumer,
  • And more respectful of the Earth

WHY and HOW we work towards a responsible travel

Responsible travel is a belief that the traveller carries with him: interest, respect, politeness and attention towards the local populations while respecting their culture and their customs. Responsible travel also means respecting the planet by limiting its impact on the environment as much as possible during its itinerary. Activities geared toward local people have a positive impact on the economy, but they can also have adverse effects. We at Travel4change believe that it is an important economic tool for the fight against poverty. As a social change maker offering immersive travel packages to people around the world, we are aware of the importance of our responsibility to offer experiences which respect both local people and the traveller as well as the cultural heritage, while keeping an environmentally responsible attitude.

For this:

  1. We promote socially responsible travel for every individual or organisation
  2. We carefully analyse, select local organisations and agencies which have an ethical approach towards travelling.
  3. We aim to develop long-lasting partnerships with those organisations and make sure they share our values and deeply care about the communities we are supporting rather than the profit.
  4. We want to educate travellers about responsible tourism and spread awareness to prevent harmful actions towards the communities or the environment.
  5. We promote the use of recycled material its benefits on the long-term.
  6. We aim to develop volunteer travel programs for adults, volunteer’s conscious approach and give them meaningful tasks with a sustainable impact on the communities in which they are getting involved.