Uttar Pradesh

The location of volunteering in Uttar Pradesh is Shamsher Village and Ghaziabad , but you can’t miss to see Taj Mahal in Agra and kebabs of Lucknow if you travelling to Uttar Pradesh.


“The capital city of Uttar Pradesh,
On the banks of the river Gomti,
Was once the city of Kebabs and Nawabs,
Rich in colonial history.”

A city of Kebabs and Nawabs, of architecture and history, of literature and culture – that is Lucknow in a nutshell for you, located around 550km away from New Delhi. The things, places and culture to be explored in the city is quite interesting. The Rumi Darwaza, a Gateway built by the Mughals at the centre of the capital, divides the city into two parts- Old Lucknow(ancient and more crowded) and New Lucknow (the urban area).

If you are an architecture lover, then Lucknow is definitely the place for you! Most of Old Lucknow is well-known for its bustling vibrant streets, authentic, mouth-watering kebab and biryani outlets, lakhnavi chikan market, and the wholesale jewellery stores. New lucknow, on the other hand, is structurally well planned, apt for visiting and strolling around.

The number of places to be visited in the city is quite large. Starting from Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara to Hazratganj Market, the various attractions here include Rumi Darwaza, Ambedkar memorial park, Constantia, Firangi Mahal, Dilkusha Kothi, Shah Najaf Imambara, Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Dewa Sharif, Safed Baradari and much more!

Along with this experiential travelling, you could also move along with the nearby communities in exploring the Lucknow culture well, volunteering for their upliftment for the purpose of mutual benefit.

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“ In the country of various cultures,
There exists a city,
Which the Mughals carved it out,
To be a wonder in the world”

If you are a fort lover, interested in exploration of monuments, then, Agra is probably the best city to explore! Agra, the home to one of the seven wonders in the world is enriched with various tombs and monuments blended with beautiful flora. The city is around 230km away from New Delhi.

The major attractions here include Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh and many more!. The city offers a fine example of Akbar’s architectural finesse. Fatehpur Sikri, made of red sand and stone, which was once the capital of Akbar, is now a UNESCO world heritage site! The Agra Fort, built by Akbar, is a UNESCO world heritage site as well.

Apart from these monuments, the city is also famous for its street shopping. Various small shops are put up on the street of the city, selling handicrafts and stone products such as jewellery boxes and plaques, with most of the products dedicated to Taj Mahal.

Coming to the culture over here, the people are warm, calm and very cooperative. This majestic city is a home of diversified people from different beliefs, enriched with different cultural and traditional values, blended with a variety of colourful festivals are celebrated in this cultural city. Taj Mahotsav held in Shilpgram is a ten-day long festival that hosts an exhibition of crafts, arts, classical song and dance performances.

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“At the banks of the rivers Betwa and Pahunch,
In the heart of Madhya Pradesh,
Where Rani Laxmi Bhai stepped her foot,
To be known as ‘Jhansi ki Rani’.”

If you are fond of monuments and historical places, then Jhansi is definitely one of those you should look out for! The historical city got its name from the Jhansi Fort built by Raja Bir Singh Deo who named it so as the rulers could only see a shadow atop a distant hill when gazing at the fort. The city is known for its variety of monuments and essential landmarks down its streets and has a string of historical evidence which is dug deep into its roots.

Right from the royal Jhansi fort to the iconic Jhansi museum, the major attractions here include the Rani Mahal (the Royal palace of Rani Laxmi Bhai), Panchatantra park, Cenotaph of Raja Gangadhar Rao, the Orchha fort complex, the beautiful Barua Sagar, few amazing temples, wildlife sanctuary and much more!

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