Nihal Rander

It was a great honour for me to be a part of such a prestigious organisation. It was a privilege for me to work as a volunteer for two weeks. It completely took me out from my comfort zone and helped me in exploring the best in me. From managing children in events, going for surveys supporting women empowerment, marketing for handmade products, it was a life-changing experience for me. Being a Management student, this volunteer program has given me the tinge of every stream.. I am indebted to for providing me with such an amazing opportunity and a pleasant experience. I will definitely love to work and contribute for this organisation in future.

Saumya Garg

I’m having a lovely experience volunteering with women in Jharkhand. All the team people are really co-operating and altruistic. It is helping me grow align-items-center and be a better person everyday.

Kun Wang

It’s really was an excellent expirience in my life. The kids there are so adorable that I love them the first sight I saw them. The women there are so lovely and friendly even though we can’t communicate very well because of language. They showed their courage, kind, optimism and beauty to me though poverty. They make me usually think how can I make my more meaningful. I love them and I really appreciate Lakshyam to give me the kind of opportunity to make even a little bit difference to them.

Bassem Elwan

Big family with Great job ,… this one of my best experience on my life .. i saw kids have a dreams and they try to work to success .. and lakshyam try more and more to give them the efforts to get their goals on life also their dreams … we didnt work on just education no we worked on education , how to life , how to develop and how to enjoy your time on all of this … thank you for these days and go on you are on the right way to develop your country