Volunteer Reviews

I spend a lovely week working with some of the women and children that are part of their community projects. It was fantastic and I loved seeing the creative and experiential side of the work. We had the pleasure of working with the children to make a recycled ceiling mobile out of many old plastic bottles. The children had a fantastic time! It is all down to team;s hard work that brings light and laughter to the children and women. They deliver a number of important programmes to people whom need it most and I thank them for allowing me to be a part of their fantastic work! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to come and return in the future.

Ellie Sunshine

It’s always great to see youngistaan of the county taking a step towards such a huge initiative.

Akshay Goyal

Awesome organization! Really gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of people here in India. Expanded my awareness, gave me unique life experiences and got many opportunities to make a diffrerence

Lacey Jo Jochim

I am very happy to see the wonderful job done by Lakshyam NGO and even wish them Luck to grow align-items-center day by day.

Shristi Gupta

Fabuluous job and valuable ch─▒ldren ! ­čÖé I took part ─▒n 4 weeks volunteer program in Indiai. It was an amazing experience for me. I had the wonderful t─▒me teach─▒ng the ch─▒ldren that are so enthusiastic. Whenever ─▒ see the─▒r Eyes are sh─▒n─▒ng ─▒ told myself you are so lucky that you are sharing th─▒s perfect atmosphere with them. Thanks for everyth─▒ng. I support you whereever ─▒ am. Wish the best of luck to keep th─▒s success that you get.

R├╝ya Y├╝cel

Have seen this amazing seed bloom into a beautiful spectrum of amazing activities… Touching so many lives… For people who care… KUDOS !!!!!!

Amit Bansal

It was such an amazing experience to be able to volunteer for child development and women empowerment. The kids are adorable and smart, the staffs working at the centres and in the office was wonderful and friendly. I’ve learnt a lot and gained a lot in this 6 weeks. Language barrier wasn’t a big problem at all because they will do everything it takes to make you feel welcome and well taken care of. They showed me the beauty of life and how to be optimistic even though you don’t have much in life. This is something I really want those out there to see and experience. We should be very grateful for what we have and I highly encourage everyone out there to take at least some time out to volunteer and help in anyway you can to make the world a better place. I want to THANK the team for giving me the platform to give back to the society and making a slight difference in their lives.

Bao Hweiting

Lakshyam is such an inspiring organisation…it helps kids go after their dreams and goals and gives them the potential to achieve them. I’m thankful to be a part of this and coperating with them to guarantee a better life and education for kids

Petra Hatem

I have volunteered for teaching project for children, meeting kids was one of the best experience I ever have in my life. For the kids in the community they so lively and adorable, they all are so inspired and giving me so many positive energy. The kids are nice and being educated very well, thanks to the effort of Lakshyam team. Additionally the team are doing a great job, they bring chances for the kids and women to change their entire future. I hope more and more people will know about their programs and raise hand to help the community

Trang Nguyen

It has been a place where i have spent a month of my life, its been nothing less than a blessing. The amount of love the community has given me is not comparable to any kind of love. The valuable exposure, responsibility and contentment will go with me to places, forever. Been able to teach the kids about hygiene habits, communication skills, social skills, writing skills, taught me how uneasy it is to teach, but as the kids are too joyous and keen, it makes it easy.So, i recommend everyone to experience the joy of giving. I would always want to be connected with them and lend help in any way possible. its a pleasure.┬áÔŁĄ

Nida Anjum

It was a great honour for me to be a part of such a prestigious organisation. It was a privilege for me to work as a volunteer for two weeks. It completely took me out from my comfort zone and helped me in exploring the best in me. From managing children in events, going for surveys supporting women empowerment, marketing for handmade products, it was a life-changing experience for me. Being a Management student, this volunteer program has given me the tinge of every stream.. I am indebted to for providing me with such an amazing opportunity and a pleasant experience. I will definitely love to work and contribute for this organisation in future.

Nihal Rander

I’m having a lovely experience volunteering with women in Jharkhand. All the team people are really co-operating and altruistic. It is helping me grow align-items-center and be a better person everyday.

Saumya Garg

It’s really was an excellent expirience in my life. The kids there are so adorable that I love them the first sight I saw them. The women there are so lovely and friendly even though we can’t communicate very well because of language. They showed their courage, kind, optimism and beauty to me though poverty. They make me usually think how can I make my more meaningful. I love them and I really appreciate Lakshyam to give me the kind of opportunity to make even a little bit difference to them.

Kun Wang

Big family with Great job ,… this one of my best experience on my life .. i saw kids have a dreams and they try to work to success .. and lakshyam try more and more to give them the efforts to get their goals on life also their dreams … we didnt work on just education no we worked on education , how to life , how to develop and how to enjoy your time on all of this … thank you for these days and go on you are on the right way to develop your country

Bassem Elwan