Who are we?

Travel4change is a social enterprise offering a combination of volunteer programs and immersive travel packages benefiting you and the development of communities in need. Unlike normal travellers who have few opportunities to discover a culture during a stay abroad, our volunteers actively participate in a project and get highly involved. We believe that any traveller should be given the opportunity to explore the culture in-depth while creating a meaningful and sustainable impact on a local level.

Hence, our volunteering concept is the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture as you will discover local customs, learn local jargon, share meals and develop useful skills while creating a positive impact on the communities. Moreover, by being involved in our solidarity projects, you will become aware of the challenges the local populations abroad can face and we aim to offer an effective experience for your personal development.

These volunteer programs, or abroad volunteer programs,are open to all, with or without qualifications, and the motives of volunteers vary according to their age and background. Travel 4change is a serious and experienced organisation for volunteer travel in India, which welcomes humanitarian volunteers from around the world. The programs are fully customizable, you will freely choose the duration, the date of departure, and the type of mission. Finally, many volunteer agencies charge projects at a high price, but in the end only a tiny fraction of this money benefits local people and this is what we want to change at Travel4change to make it an affordable and meaningful experience for everyone in giving one of the finest abroad volunteer opportunities to various travellers globally. To sum it up, you will be part of a unique and enriching experience, totally supervised in a boundary-breaking environment.

More than that, Travel4change holds a social venture model as its profits will be directly shared with our sister partner Lakshyam NGO. For more details www.lakshyam.co.in